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The University Exchange (UE) is an organization with high ideals for education and public awareness that is presently in the process of formation under the auspices of the UE Foundation.

Hong Kong Asia's world city is proposed as the UE headquarters for reasons of asserting its political neutrality, and lack of cultural or national bias.

Unlike other established universities and institutions of learning, the Exchange will be less a bricks and mortar monolith, but rather an extensive electronic media linked communication network of participating experts, members, students, contributors, & Other involved parties.

It will therefore have a charter in accordance with its ideals to influence in various ways all future scientific & technological development that affects planet survival beyond the immediate future and far into the 21st century.

Towards this end, its priorities are in the promotion of focused postgraduate education, and dissemination of ideas for the benefit of mankind.

These priorities also extend to actual research and development that can lead to creative and innovative solutions to problems generated by the world’ increasing population and the accelerating drain on natural resources that is reaching crisis proportions.

To facilitate and encourage progress with such research and development, it is then part of the Exchanges program to offer incentives, scholarships, & prizes on a worldwide basis for innovation and achievement in ideas and technology deemed to contribute to the target ideals of making the world a better place.

The incentives & prizes would carry significant prestige, and attract considerable attention to causes espoused by the Exchange and by all people who want their children and future generations to inherit a better world than it will be if current trends are not arrested and reversed.

It is thus planned that many participants will be drawn from selected cooperating major Universities and other such bodies so as to include some of the world's most highly reputed and prominent researchers, academics, & achievers, in relevant specialist fields.

The Exchange will represent a coordinating factor, effectively bringing together expertise from around the world to address problems, find solutions, and facilitate communication aimed at focusing attention on vital issues and acting upon such solutions.

The Exchange will also offer external postgraduate courses leading to degrees & doctorates.

In the March 1,1997 issue of the South China Morning Post a statement was given by an international retail chain owner who had donated several billion US dollars to charity. People of substantial wealth potentially create problems for future generations unless they accept responsibility to use their wealth during their lifetime to help worthwhile causes.

The University Exchange holds that this noble philosophy applies not only to wealthy persons but to all people. Our existence on this planet can be given purpose through our efforts to make it a better place. It is, in fact, our universal obligation to contribute or give something back to our world. Whether it is in the form of labor, ingenuity, financial contribution, guidance, leadership or influence, sharing for the benefit of the planet is an ideal not just to praise silently, but to achieve, with long lasting benefits for our future generations

This has led to establishing The University Exchange (UE) to play a role in assuring significant technological breakthroughs will be developed and utilized for the common good. A loosely associated group comprised of dedicated individuals of various nationalities & technical backgrounds has evolved over the last 20 years to address & focus on these issues.

Many people are aware of the threats to the survival of our planet's environment, natural resources, and complex biological balance. Ideals supported by The Exchange are held by millions of people, who as individuals, may not be in positions to apply sufficient pressure to produce change. The ideal of The Exchange is to bring about change by coordinated effort and force on a grand scale.

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