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The UNIVERSITY EXCHANGE will be divided into 6 main categories, with a main sponsor for each or several of the categories. For simplicity, this will be called Special Faculties.

The 6 Special Faculties are:

1) Natural Energy;
2) Natural Food Sciences;
3) Pragmatic Science & Technology;
4) Natural Medicine;
5) Wholistic Philosophy & Psychology; and
6) Political systems and mechanisms.

These are summarized as follows:

Solar, wind, hydro & wave power, non-pollutant fuels, and other forms of energy generation, storage & transfer. Transportation, propulsion & thermo-dynamics.

To meet world energy needs, it will be necessary to adopt a new approach and act accordingly. By the year 2010, worldwide energy consumption is conservatively estimated to increase by 50% if conditions are not changed. Energy consumption in expanding economies, such as Asia, will outpace that of other parts of the world. Fossil fuels represent valuable resources that will no longer be available in the foreseeable future if consumed at the present rate. Also fossil fuels produce pollutants and emissions which have a negative effect upon the world’ atmosphere. Even countries, which are not expecting energy needs to increase, find it desirable to switch to renewable energies and conserve valuable fossil reserves for medicinal and other higher level applications.

Developments to reduce & eliminate reliance on fertilizers & pesticides, with organic & other innovative methods. Dry farming, hydroponics & salt water utilization. Over 2/3 of the world is covered by water. In the future, sea ranching & ocean farming with special emphasis on maintaining the genetic diversity of sea life without pollution will play a major part in our survival, as more good farm land is being used for housing and the like.

Developing both high & low technology solutions to the problems of pollution-free production, manufacture & distribution of consumer goods, and materials & services. Coming up with new 21st century environmentally friendly materials for housing and consumer goods whilst addressing the universal problems of waste, garbage, and recycling. Focusing on the ever increasing problem of traffic and looking for feasible alternatives. Advancement of computer science technology / languages, alternative communications and robotics'.
Tackling the problems of conserving forests, nature reserves, and wildlife whilst reclaiming deserts & waste lands and managing reforestation and water resources.

Healthcare and the Health of Families are obviously of wide significance. However, because of the modern live style, over processed foods, pollution, stress, deteriorating water, and air quality our health is in great jeopardy. The best kind of medicine, is preventive medicine in the form of natural organic foods to keep body functions in balance. Integrating modern medical science with traditional & alternative preventative systems for health care & maintenance. Utilizing high technology & computerized diagnostic programs in conjunction with dietary, exercise, and lifestyle disciplines.

Promoting the successful survival & creativity on a world scale as one interrelated but variegated society, while also preserving natural resources & the habitable environment. Reinterpreting ancient writings, folklore cultures & traditions, with the psychology of survival in the 21st century, and with behavioral science & ethology.

Addressing the need for new political systems, covering organizational, structural aspects, and mechanisms. That whilst each Nation has cultural autonomy politics are viewed as a global issue. Population growth risks to destroy all basis for life - Political strategies are needed to safeguard the balance. Special consideration is to be given to taxation systems with respect to their steering effect, in particular, as far as true costing is concerned.

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