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Technology in the last century has progressed at an accelerating and alarming rate and will continue to do so. It can either be used for the benefit of all, or for commercial / military exploitation by a few, at the detriment and possible total destruction of the environment and remaining natural resources.

A loosely associated group of various nationalities & technical backgrounds has evolved over the last 20 years trying to address & focus on these issues. This has led to establishing the UE, "University Exchange" to play a role in making sure significant technological breakthroughs will be developed and utilized for the common good.

In the March 1st 1997 issue of the South China Morning Post there was a statement by a person who had given several billion US dollars to charity,
it read:

"People of substantial wealth potentially create problems for future generation unless they accept responsibility to use their wealth during their lifetime to help worthwhile causes."

"This philosophy does not only apply to wealthy people but to everyone. We can justify our existence on this planet by trying to make it a better place and it is our universal obligation to contribute or give something back".

Whether it is in the form of labor, ingenuity, financial incentives, guidance, leadership or influence is immaterial, seeing we all have different talents & potentials. Sharing a portion of talent for the benefit of the planet is an ideal to achieve.

Many people in all countries are aware of the threats to survival of our planet, its environment, natural resources, and its complex inter-related life forms.

Ideals put forward by the Exchange are not new but common to people who as individuals are not in positions to exert sufficient pressures for change.

The idea of the Exchange is to bring about change by coordinated effort and force on an irresistible scale.

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