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With headquarters in Hong Kong to be established by the UE Foundation for overall administration, management and its main Natural Energy research facilities, the next step is formation of an initial overall ruling committee consisting of appointed representatives of various fields of expertise & academic disciplines.

This ruling committee is to oversee establishment of the Exchanges component Faculties, and make further appointments for separate evaluation committees for each.

All appointees to these committees would be required to have appropriate credentials and reputations.

As a non-profit making organization, funding for the University Exchange is derived from the UE Foundation and other sources as well as from invited contributors and sponsors for the prizes to be awarded for achievement in the various fields.

Options are therefore available for prizes to be named after sponsors.

The prizes will represent considerable prestige, as the motivation is a worthy one for all of mankind.

Other fund sources would be obtained from selected and approved research assignments undertaken on behalf of industry on condition that the integrity & impartiality of the UE and its findings is uncompromised.

Additionally, the UE is in a position to license and set up production of selected innovations, with the inventors paid appropriate royalties to ensure their application at the earliest possible time.

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