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The University Exchange is scheduled to commence full operations from January 2007, with its headquarters in Hong Kong, and have its six specialized faculties in place in initial form.

The program will progressively offer external postgraduate study & research opportunities to selected applicants in almost all countries by means of a linked media system.

Other options will be for partial or periodic term attendance at institutions with which the exchange will have an association or for working on commercially viable projects at outsourced science parks, industrial incubators, or sites where the Exchange has its own installations for specific projects.

In all cases however, there would be virtually no attendances in lecture halls, but rather access by video conferencing to allow students contact with academics & researchers of international standing.

This means many of the everyday lectures or overseers of these courses and research projects could be expected to be world class leaders in their fields, otherwise unavailable to such a widely distributed audience.

These prominent academics & researchers could be either singly, or on behalf of other Universities or Institutions, acting in association with the Exchange from anywhere on the globe, as could be other participants.

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