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The University Exchange is to be founded and administered by the UE Foundation to be based in Hong Kong, to meet the pressing needs of the 21st century, and the changing world.

Operational by January 1, 2007 (AD 2007) as a symbol of entering a new and more responsible era. The Exchange is destined to become an international focal point of modern achievements, and a futuristic think-tank that will play an important role in achieving goals such as, the sustainable use of energy and other resources.

An essential part of its program is to exert its influence and stimulate actions in the appropriate direction. The Exchange will give special annual awards, or UE Prizes, which will be sub-named after the major sponsors of the 6 Special Faculties. They should have similar status to Nobel Prizes, as the achievements being honored will be based on a significant and tangible contribution to the survival of our planet and all its life forms of which humankind is but a part.

The Special Faculties of the Exchange which relate to the above awards are as follows:

1) Natural Energy;
2) Natural Food Sciences;
3) Pragmatic Science & Technology;
4) Natural Medicine;
5) Wholistic Philosophy & Psychology; and
6) Political systems and mechanisms.

Each faculty will inevitably be monitors of mankind's achievements and potential, involving full-scale commercially viable prototypes in specially selected science / technology parks or sites.

Whilst much of the work of the Exchange can be done in supported outsourced facilities, including other institutions, universities, and the like, it is it is also an option to have some sites owned by the UE for special projects. Such sites if and when desirable, would be located in parts of the world selected for their images of independence, political neutrality, and multiculturalism.

Costs involved are substantial per Faculty, depending on the uniqueness of its location and its range of research projects, the type of sponsorship, and the complexity of its installation buildings, infrastructure, and equipment.

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